Ganes is the first integrated consulting platform for actors looking to engage with the Romanian market. We enable international companies to set up, make a name for themselves, grow and prosper together with the Romanian economy.

Whether you are scouting for investment opportunities, looking to enter the market or to give new impetus to your business in Romania, Ganes offers you a full range of services that allow you to leverage a mix of local insight and global professional standards.

We focus on offering our clients perspective on the market and the forces at play. We do this by pooling together some of the best experts in all fields of core relevance to the companies we consult. By working as a cross-cutting team, we are able to imagine, shape and deliver strategies that help our clients attain their core development objectives under any market conditions.

Our work is guided by a belief in the transformative power of innovation, professionalism and analytical firepower. Our goal is to create a superior future for our clients and partners.

Our lines of work

Strategic positioning counsel enables clients to build strong relationships and to shape perceptions and behaviors in complex environments.

High caliber business journalists will imagine and deliver for you strategies to establish, develop and maintain an impeccable reputation on the market.

An exclusive network of contacts and access to influential actors serve as a gateway to unique business opportunities in Romania and emerging markets. You will gain access to EU and government-funded grants, assisted by consultants who boast a successful project portfolio worth over one third of a billion Euro.

Proprietary insight and analytical excellence assist our clients in building accurate and reliable maps of forces that influence target markets, enabling them to take advantage of unique opportunities.

Legal representation and regulatory analysis protect the interests of our clients in a complex and changing legislative environment, while facilitating the most advantageous outcomes before, during and post litigation.


We employ proprietary insight and keen creativity to generate bespoke services dedicated to helping our clients grow to reach their long term goals.


Positioning Solutions

[pәzɪʃәnɪŋ sәluʃәnz] planning, creating and communicating a client’s identity to influence perceptions and behaviors of strategic stakeholders


Advocacy and outreach

We elaborate customized products and ‘issue’ strategies targeting various levels of public and private stakeholders. Adaptive style, content and approach allow us to gain insight from elusive audiences. We raise the public profile and improve public understanding of niche sectors or products.

We look beyond the headline argument and assist our clients in integrating their objectives within wider public aims and aspirations. This ensures sustainable and enduring results for our clients.

Stakeholder engagement

We help organizations set strategies to engage with public policy stakeholders in compelling and effective ways. We achieve maximum effectiveness by combining expertise in public affairs and government relations with deep knowledge of capital markets, economic analysis and political risk.

High level experience in government service enables us to achieve effective outcomes in tackling policy development challenges.We generate comprehensive strategic and tactical plans to achieve specific objectives at all public policy levels. We conduct strategic communication with key decision-makers while also offering legislative and executive branch monitoring and analysis.

Business development

[bɪznәs dɪvɛlәpmәnt] scouting, showcasing and delivering proprietary business opportunities in Romania and in select emerging markets.






Our network of privileged contacts enables us to identify new business opportunities in Romania and select emerging markets. We find, negotiate and lock lucrative deals for our clients, while assisting them to fit the new business into their development strategy.

We work as a truly integrated network with a global approach attained through a long-term process of maintaining and developing stakeholder relationships. We break through the clutter to connect clients with trusted names.

We enable Romanian actors to package and showcase their opportunities to international actors.

On the Romanian market we help our clients sustainably finance their development through receiving the best possible access to EU and government grants.

Access to EU and Government Grants

We offer full service consultancy for actors looking to take advantage of EU and Government grants for business development. We assist our clients every step of the way, from building project eligibility to successful implementation.

Our clients will benefit from the expertise attained from coordinating over EUR 350 million worth of successful projects financed by non-reimbursable funds.

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In Romania, numerous private actors are confronted with a financing shortfall, due to a negative feedback loop of tight credit and weak economic conditions. EU funding is an interesting alternative for many private actors, but issues such as slow reimbursements, complicated procedures and awkward dialogue with financing authorities detract from their impact.

Government grants for strategic investors help boost development and offer a head start in developing a competitive edge.


Due Diligence

[du dɪlədʒəns] investigating target actors to develop holistic insight and deliver expert advice in preparation for a business transaction.



Our team of seasoned legal experts and business consultants performs thorough examinations of potential targets for mergers, acquisitions, privatizations, or similar corporate finance transactions as requested by our clients.

Our investigations focus on material future matters. They provide our clients advice regarding acquisition methods, structuring and valuation. By offering key insight into current processes, policies and existing assets, we offer a holistic approach that enables our clients to make the right decisions for the future of their businesses.

Our insights are driven from our Partners primary research capabilities (customer, competitor, target, supplier, etc.) obtained from over 20 years of experience on the Romanian market.

We draw from our broad expertise in the key sectors of interest in the Romanian market. This allows us to effectively perform due-diligence and foster post-transaction value realization.

We deliver under the strictest of time constraints, using a set of disciplined approaches and proven methodologies.


Research & Intelligence

[risәrtʃ & ɪntɛlәdʒәns], interpretive analyses of legislative and regulatory developments based on unique information on the ground and employing superior analytical power.





We believe the success of any initiative is only as good as the information and intelligence that forms the basis of its planning and decisions. We focus a lot of our resources on gathering information from a wide range of printed and electronic sources related to developments on your key economic, political and legislative issues. Together with regular face-to-face meetings with officials and decision-makers, this enables us to offer a monitoring and early warning service, alerting you in advance to proposed policy measures that affect your interests.

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Our monitoring service enables you to receive advanced warning of activity, which ensures early input into the political process by identifying politicians and others who have an interest in your area of activity. You will understand the reasoning behind a political action and the consequences that will follow. Our services will ensure that you:

  • Have the opportunity to come in contact with politicians and officials
  • Take advantage of press opportunities

Legislative & Regulatory Analysis

We research and analyze case law, regulations, statutes, and proposed legislation when our clients have a legal research question about their program. We support our clients’ policy development efforts by researching, developing, and analyzing policy alternatives to identify the best policy option.

Ganes also tracks legislative activities, analyzes and summarizes legislation, prepares analyses of competing legislation, and develops legislative cost models to support our clients legislative activities or legislative monitoring efforts.

Stakeholder Mapping & Smart Targeting

Stakeholder mapping allows us to evaluate influencers and organizations and prioritize them based on impact, accessibility and general relevance in specified areas of focus. Engagement planning utilizes the mapping’s findings to formulate a strategy that links specific key messages, tactics and timing with target audiences and determines areas where clients can play an active role as conveners, leaders and advocates

When entering a new market, failure is not an option. Smart targeting and a well-executed entry strategy are essential. We generate a more sustainable growth model focused on applying advanced customer profiling techniques.

Whether a market entry is a product launch, a complicated public affairs issue, a Greenfield or Brownfield investment, a cross border transaction, a joint venture or an overseas export, we can provide support through counsel and consulting services, a proprietary research product.

We begin by leveraging insights from quantitative or qualitative research – e.g. focus groups, traditional polling, in-depth interviews or market research of online communities, etc. – to understand the market and its stakeholders. We then work with your business team to determine a strategy and finalize an entry plan. We believe that successful market entry involves three key requirements: Know Your Market, Build Trust, Engage Smartly.


European affairs




EU Legislative Process and national level decision-making are impossible to separate in today’s Europe.

Decisions taken on EU Directives in the European Commission and the European Parliament will inevitably flow down to local legislation. Shaping the positions taken by Central European governments and MEPs on EU issues is the key to making life easier for you in Brussels.

Increasing amounts of our work are related to conducting coordinated lobbying campaigns across Central Europe on EU legislation. Our years in the region mean we have a head start in accessing the new Central European players in Brussels, whether they be in the Commission, or European Parliament.

Our team in Brussels is able to offer you a number of bespoke products that will allow you to understand EU policies, communicate your needs to European actors and influence policy outcomes that directly impact your business:

  • Meetings with relevant stakeholders for promoting strategic interests of our clients.
  • Engagement with relevant EU actors to communicate and advocate in favor of client’s strategic interests.
  • Reports on the status of ongoing negotiations at the level of Council Working Groups, including impact assessment and strategic advice.
  • Analyses discussing relevant developments at the level of the European Commission and European Parliament.
  • Early warnings in case of events liable to impact directly and immediately the interests of the Beneficiary.

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