Jeffrey Suppes

Jeff Resume

Jeff is pursuing a Master’s degree in International Relations at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Bologna, Italy and Washington, DC, with concentrations in International Economics and European and Eurasian Studies. He was born in the state of North Carolina in the USA and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and minors in Nonprofit Management and International Development from Brigham Young University.

Jeff first became interested in Romania when he moved here from 2009-2011 as a volunteer. While working and living among Romanians from all across the country he not only learned to love the language and the culture, but also became fascinated with the country’s economic potential as an emerging power. After finishing his volunteer experience in Romania he worked with various nonprofits in the US that focused on helping small and medium sized enterprises make maximum impact on the market. His studies in graduate school concentrate on analyzing the political economy of Central and Eastern Europe with a special focus on Romania.

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