Mihai Teodor

portret.3_ppMihai graduated from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies with a Master Degree in Business Management.  He also holds a law degree with a focus on commercial law.

At Ganes, he is involved with several major projects, including developing an investment profile for Romania with special focus on the country’s investment climate by identifying macroeconomic indicators and showcasing main economic sectors.

Mihai’s ongoing work includes prospecting select emerging markets to identify business opportunities for leading Romanian companies.  He identifies and evaluates opportunities to penetrate new markets (SWOT analysis of the company’s regional context, risk analysis, identifying key stakeholders, assessing strategic context).

He is also active in communicating with some of the key clients in Ganes’ portfolio.

Mihai can be reached by e-mail at mihai.teodor@ganes.ro or by phone at +40 721 510 321.

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