EU Funds Weekly Intel (Apr 27 – May 04)

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The new call launched on POS DRU 2007-2013 has received a 50M Euro funding

The “Internship for students” call will finance projects aimed at students / MA’s conducting practical training (internship) to potential employers in any sector, while at the same time focusing on internships in public institutions.

AM POSDRU 2007 – 2013 has launched two calls for project proposals

The “Support for doctoral candidates” call allocates funding in support of doctoral programmes, while also supporting transnational cooperation and mobility.

 The “Integrated opportunities of diminishing the premature exit from the educational system” call supports those projects destined to those individuals that have left the educational system prematurely, also known as “second chance” educational programmes.

1 billion EUR for Youth Employment Initiative in 2015

European funds of 1 bn Euro allocated to help member states get up to 650,000 young people into work will be delivered in 2015. This was possible after the approval of a new rule concerning the European Social Fund on the 29th of April. This Initiative seeks to enhance the European Social Fund (ESF) in 20 member states where regions with youth unemployment exceeding 25% are present.

 415 million RON (94 million EUR) loan from the state budget for reimbursement acceleration

The funds were allocated by Government Decision to the Management Authorities of Regional Operational Programme, Human Resource Development Operational Programme, and the Increase of Economic Competitiveness Operational Programme. The stake is to accelerate payments to the beneficiaries to enhance the absorption rate of 2007-2013 MFF European Funds allocation to meet the predictions of Romanian top officials in the European Funds Ministry.

During the 2007-2013 Multianual Financial Framework, Romania benefited of European funds worth of 18.5 bn EUR. The year 2015 is the last year in which our country can absorb European funds allocated for this financial framework.

The EU Executive takes note and praises the progress made by Romania regarding the increased European funds absorption rate. Nevertheless, the spending of the remaining available funding as part of the 2007 – 2013 MFF is seen as a major challenge Romania must overcome.

In light of these facts, the European Commission warns the competent authorities that the first priority at this time should be the preparation and the launch of new projects under the 2014 -2020 MFF. The concerns related to the closing of the 2007 -2013 MFF should not affect the new programming period.

Alexandru Nazare, member of the European Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, asks Mr. Marius Nica, the European Funds Minister, to submit to the Parliament as soon as possible the measures that will be taken to use the allocated EU funds as part of the 2014 – 2020 MFF. This comes as a reaction to the fact that so far, by mid-2015, Romania has absorbed 0 (zero) European funds made available as part of the 2014 – 2020 MFF.

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